My work experience

So, I’ve just received word that my work experience has been approved at Auschwitz Concentration Camp. Honoured, privileged and slightly nervous I am a mixture of emotions. I believe that by understanding the holocaust and visiting the museums commemorating the atrocities; we can continue to understand and learn from the past.

I do love history, I hope so I study it after all, but sometimes there is always the question of: what’s the point in this? I often get asked about why I do history and I very often find myself struggling to answer because, well, how do you answer? Yet, in the case of the holocaust I find my answer very easy. If we stop learning then we stop caring.

On a personal level i am shitting it as I don’t know how being away from the normalities of life will pan out but a challenge is a challenge.

Anyway, I’ll keep you posted in the next month about how I get on.




I am very happy at this moment in time and it’s all thanks to friends. I sometimes wonder how little things make the world of difference but it’s almost tangible to be happy. That’s a weird thought actually… if happiness was tangible then it would almost be an entity and therefore touchable. What a strange thought! Of course if it was then tesco would package it and sell it for £4.25 to the population.

Anyway, I’ve finished my exams now so let the countdown to the holiday season begin.

See you around blog


Deep into the recesses we go!

Time to go to bed and think about how I can make myself a little bit happier. I think I need a hobby but I don’t know what.

Sometimes I think I’m lonely but then it doesn’t seem right when I have the people around me that I do. I get down about the fact that nobody, apart from my girlfriend, makes an effort with me. I’m not designed to have friends- i grew up too quickly and I’m not interesting enough to smoke and drink. But that doesn’t matter to me I am content being 58 (haha)!

Sometimes talking is my only salvation.

Time to listen to some music.

Night world



This is very strange. I have felt a strong sense sadness since Avicii passed, somehow his struggle helped me to understand my own concerns and worries. Whilst listening to wake me up and worrying about my exam (which is quite fitting) I find myself saddened by the loss of such an amazing man. I don’t need to tell anybody how your death affected me as a person but your struggle has helped me in more ways than you will/could ever know.

I am troubled by the fact that you left everything behind at 28 when the world was at your feet. It puts everything into perspective and I hope that you are now at peace. Somehow, writing this makes me feel closer to you as a person rather than an artist as I take strength from your battle. You have given me more in death than I could have ever imagined. Maybe even give us a hand tomorrow for my exam tomorrow!

Anyway, before l end this note I want to say thank you for the music and thank you for the help you’ve given me

See you around, Tim.